Sunday, March 12, 2006

March 12

News! I have taken the position of District Leader for my state's homeschool association. I have also taken the position of Eastside Area Leader, who heads up the District Leaders. I shall be busy! I am so excited. District Leader involoves making those new to homeschooling feel welcome in the community, planningplaygroups for the area, updating the database with all homeschoolers in my zipcode, and general organization. The Area Leader's job is to make sure that the Distric Leaders are doing their jobs. And to communicate between the Board Members and the District Leaders.I am excited about it.
I do a lot of the same things for our group "Homeschooling the Littles", a group I started in September for families homeschooling their preschool through primary aged children. We have 53 members, currently. We have co-op classes, and I do a calendar of events of things going on in our community. I love the members in this group. probably about 20 of us are active, and we see each other quite often.Before this group, we didn't have any friends to play with, as we attend no church, and we have no children on our street. Now we have lots of playmates. Feeling great about our socializing.

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