Friday, August 28, 2009

pretty pictures

I've heard a few people lament that we can't put bigger pictures into blogger.
I know that we can change the html code in the layout, but I've messed with mine so much at olm that i'm afraid to do anything else lest it falls apart.

Here's a super easy way! I got the info from Lindsay and the Johnsons, and the link from Nicola at Which Name?

On to it, then.
After uploading the picture -in "large" format- click on the "Edit Html" tab (next to the "Compose" tab in the blogger window.
In there, find the size frame, the html looks like this

width: 400px; height: 300px;"

Delete it all, except for the quotation mark at the end.
Find the code that looks like

-it's right before your picture name and file sort (such as /s400/1.jpg" )
and change it to s640.

640 is the only size that will work, I've tried different sizes, and the pic won't appear when published.

That's it!

I've played with it and tried it a few different ways, and each pic has its own code, and can be altered, or not.
Changing multiple photos gets a bit tricky, as html code is all mashed together, and it can be difficult to separate one picture's code from another.

I plan to put in the pic(s) I want extra large, first, change the html code, then put in the regular pics as usual.

How exciting!

good morning

"Good Morning!", offered the world.

"Thank you for the gift," said I.

Monday, August 17, 2009

moving into

"In the Universe there is an unmeasurable, indescribable force, which those who live of the Source call Intention.
And absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.
Sourcerers (those who live of the source, naguals, people living at the highest levels of energy) are not only concerned with understanding and explaining this connecting link, but they are especially concerned with cleansing it of the numbing effects brought about by the concerns of living at ordinary levels of consciousness."

Carlos Casteneda The Active Side of Infinity

Monday, August 10, 2009

a month of Sundays

.. that's better. Had to get tucked in outside on the patio for this.

The beauty of living a life of freedom and honoring flow is that you can make up a Sunday whenever you wish.
Sunday is my favorite day.
This weekend -especially since we were all about home and hearth- I figured maybe I'd have Sunday to go through my herbs, clean my room, clean house while riding on a hum.... you get the idea. Delicious Sunday sorts of things.
Instead we played checkers and did things like write alphabet letters.

I need a month of Sundays.
[closes eyes and lays head back against chair.]
I need to fall hard and deep into The Still... so deeply that I can find myself in the bottom of the pit covered in muck and bring Me out into the Sunshine.
Bring Me into the light, pull the webs out of my hair, dowse me in fresh well-water to wash away the goo.

I'm out of tune.
My tone is horrid. Probably more like a (dreaded and embarrassing) screech.
I don't feel that we're miles and miles off base, as the children are doing well.
But I feel like every word out of my mouth has a tone of complaint or accusation. Could be because I started the monthly yesterday, and had previously been looking on the last few days prior to the weekend (uh, particularly Wednesday) thinking what the hell is wrong with me? (Day four or five prior is always That Day for me.) Could be that it has my focus. Some of it's just Mama-talk... some of it's because by nature I'm bossy and exacting (I try to change that many days).... some of it's because I really have a hmmph type of personality (often I feel most like Rabbit from Winnie-ther-Pooh, shamefully enough)... but mostly it's because I'm out of Tune.

The good news is that I figure I'm at the "Ahem" stage.
For some background... the way I see things, when Spirit (and I mean the Spirit/God/Universe connection) starts to head off the trail or toward jumping off the cliff (away from what we most want when we're in The Still), you first get a whisper as a Reminder. If you ignore the whisper, you get a tap on the shoulder with an "Ahem.". Upon ignoring that, you get a tug on your hand to hold you back. If you decide to play tug-of-war, and persistently eventually pull yourself free and continue on the same path-- then you get a brick knocking you upside the head. Bricks are never fun. I try to avoid them.

I've written this explanation before, and when I went to look for it (to link it and not repeat it) I came across a post from two years ago about Recalibration.
That's exactly what I'm seeking.
Engaging my heart into the flow.

That wondrous place where there is no offense.
Where judgments (of myself) are quieted.
The place where I see myself as strong and loving and smiling.
That beautiful place where I am Intuitive, Creating, Engaged, and Powerful.

This is the Me I want to live my experiences through.
The one I'm ready to dust off and let Shine.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

smarmy farmy: a vent

back from the farmers market.
buy anything?
oh, yes.
purchased some local clean beef.
anything else?, you ask?
organic veggies?
zuc, cucs, tomatoes. yeah. same things as in my garden.
any fruits?
sprayed, sprayed, sprayed!
(and not even pretty!)

dh tries to hide his laughs from me in the car while I grumble and vent... he says it's more evidence of my idealism.
fine. call it what you will.
i'm not interested in going out of my way to support people who won't even try to do the right thing.
pff. You'd think farmers would be more willing to take care of the earth (and water and air and children), wouldn't you???
I'll just make jam out of my Mirabelle's, can my pears, wait for more raspberries and blackberries, and wait for my cherry tree to grow tall.

I'm going to make a shirt this week to wear at the early a.m. market next week that says "Organic First!" so there.

i'll try to move on, now....


a lovely morning in the Still.