Friday, August 28, 2009

pretty pictures

I've heard a few people lament that we can't put bigger pictures into blogger.
I know that we can change the html code in the layout, but I've messed with mine so much at olm that i'm afraid to do anything else lest it falls apart.

Here's a super easy way! I got the info from Lindsay and the Johnsons, and the link from Nicola at Which Name?

On to it, then.
After uploading the picture -in "large" format- click on the "Edit Html" tab (next to the "Compose" tab in the blogger window.
In there, find the size frame, the html looks like this

width: 400px; height: 300px;"

Delete it all, except for the quotation mark at the end.
Find the code that looks like

-it's right before your picture name and file sort (such as /s400/1.jpg" )
and change it to s640.

640 is the only size that will work, I've tried different sizes, and the pic won't appear when published.

That's it!

I've played with it and tried it a few different ways, and each pic has its own code, and can be altered, or not.
Changing multiple photos gets a bit tricky, as html code is all mashed together, and it can be difficult to separate one picture's code from another.

I plan to put in the pic(s) I want extra large, first, change the html code, then put in the regular pics as usual.

How exciting!


Sherry said...

I'll have to do some spearamintin' with this. Thanks so much. :)

Sarah said...

My brain just exploded. I can't follow stuff like that, much to my chagrin.

I'm trying to figure out how to make a button the side of my blog that will allow readers to click over to a list of birds that we've seen.

kath001 said...

Of course I had to try it immediately. Unfortunately, it cut off the right side of my photo, as I need to doctor my template so that it uses the full width of the screen. Got any tips for that for your poor old auntie?

kath001 said...

And I absolutely LOVE the bowl of colored chalk, by the way!

Inoureyes said...

Oh i love you so much for this info. I have wanted to post bigger pictures for ages. Only to enlarge them by dragging them out before posting and having fuzzy pictures. You Rock!

Andrea said...

I haven't tried this yet, but I keep coming back and reading to see if I am up for the challenge. Great info, and of course, great pictures!! Thanks!!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

The s640 depends upon which template you are using, I can go up to s800 with mine but I have to resize my photo in photoshop elements first to a max width of 550 pixels, so experimentation is probably best (if you are brave!)