Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April 18

Grrr. Having trouble with T in the food department. Wasn't I just saying how much and often he chooses healthy foods? Not the last three days! Ever since the Easter Bunny came it's popsicles, jellybeans, chocolate, and that's about it! I told him I didn't like his choices, and he needed to consider eating healthy foods too, or Iwas going to have to take his choice away.
I know this is the wrong way to handle it, and I suppose if I let him eat complete junk food for three days he would come around. That's probably what I should do, let him have his way until he either gets completely sick of candy (or just sick) or eats it all! : ) The thing is .... I am really cranky tonight, and now I am wondering if it's because I have fought with him over this stupid issue today. I get mad, I take away his choice, he gets sassy and feels disrespected, disrespects me in return, I get mad at the way he talks to me, I yell at him to not yell at me... round and round and round we go...
Do you spose we could be in a cycle? A circle? I really need to pay attention and notice if when I am kind and patient if my child is "more agreeable". What I mean is, do I truly find him more loving and sweet when I am in good humor, or am I just more amiable and tolerant? I certainly notice beastly behavior when I am feeling beastly.
Do you suppose kindness and respect beget kindness and respect? huh. Wouldn't that be a novelty?

On the upside! I am inheriting my Papa's digital camera, I sent him a note asking about what to look for because I was shopping for one, and he informed me that he didn't use his hardly ever, and wanted to upgrade, so I could take his off his hands (his throw around one, not his professional one). The price was reasonable : ) so I agreed! Yay! So soon we will have pics up of my angels. If I can ever figure out how to work it.
One of the purposes of this blog is to sort of take note of our unschooling journey, so I will be glad to take pics of "ordinary life magic" as I like to call it.

Anyway. I am ready for bed, and there is a little boy and dh snuggling on the couch without me, so I think I will gather them up and point them to my bedroom.

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