Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 22

Yesterday we met with our local unschooler's group.They were a fine bunch! I liked them very much. They are all bright, exceptional women. There were six families including us. Some of them also belong to a club called "Project Wild", ( )which is an earth-friendly, eco-responsible theory for teaching and encouraging children to respect and cherish the earth and its inhabitants. I think we will attempt to go soon, maybe in a few weeks, as I have said, we are out of classes for the moment. Teri made it clear yesterday that it was very laid back and open. So we shall see. It sounds like something that my family would enjoy very much! Definitely in the future, if not immediately.
We have also been invited to a friend's house in Tooele for a knitting circle, which I would also love, but this month I don't have my materials, and I hope to get the truck's door fixed this week.
There is also swimming day at Fairmont Park, once a week, and skate days twice a month at the roller rink, alternative Fridays (from skate days) are Eastside Park days, and the Littles group plans to have hikes pretty regularly this spring and summer.I also bought a membership for Trev and I to Red Butte Gardens, (the theme this year is dinos! woohoo!), and we also get to go to the Eccles Dinosaur Park for free with our garden membership this year. Yay!
I think many of us are getting together at Liberty Park this year for outdoor swim days, for a walk then swim. There is tons to do there. Tiny amusement park, water play, playground, Tracy Aviary, much to entertain there.
Tuesdays we have playgroup. Unstructured.We have lots to do, and lots of friends to do it with! (But what about socialization? : ) )
This summer promises to be very fun-filled.
Eric is taking off work the week of Trevy's birthday, and we are going out to Dinosaur Land in Vernal.We have never been, and I think it will be really cool to see real fossils still-in-the-ground.
I told Trev that the whole town loves dinosaurs, that they are everywhere. He is very excited.
Don't know why I am going on and on about this stuff today, other than it is a magnificent spring day, high of like 74 today, so thinking and feeling spring and summer! (Three or four days ago there was a high temp of 42!)
Anyway, I'm done for now, and will be back soon.
Wishing you well, Steph

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