Friday, August 18, 2006

On "Work"

I just wanted to make myself clear on this subject.
Eric told me last night (after reading "Why Homeschool") something like "Sounds like my life!" And I said something like "All the more reason to want better for your children."

By saying so, I do not mean that I don't believe my children should have to work. Or that I think they should shirk their responsibilities.
As I've said before (many times) I believe in Natural Law. I believe you get out of life what you put into it. I believe the choices that you make today have a direct effect on what your life looks like tomorrow. This includes your prosperity, or lack of it, your environment, your thoughts, your physical health, your mental well-being, the state of your spirituality, and your emotions. (Not to mention that I think it goes further than the immediate environment, I believe what we think and how we act also has an effect on human consciousness, as a whole. Not a notable effect, maybe, but a 'kindness begets kindness' and in a 'hatred is destructive' sort of way.)

I believe that one's reality has to do with how one feels about his or her life.
If I can show my children (while they are young, and may not see it) how their decisions affect their lives, then maybe they will sooner accept the responsibility for that life.
My contribution to them also, then, is to help them to find joy in their decisions. Instead of feeling like they "have to", instill in them the knowledge that "I am doing this because it pleases me to do so." Because I like the reward. Be that reward satisfaction of a job well-done, a sparkling clean kitchen, a 450 engine that vrooms just right, seeing the piggy bank fill up with silver and bills, going on an extra-great fieldtrip, making someone else smile, or just knowing where every toy is - because it is in its right place.

I just think if they look at it as "a choice", and not as a "have to", their lives will be much happier, and fulfilling.
Course, they're free to be miserable and feel like they are martyrs, if that's what makes them happy. : )


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