Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Writing on the - Sidewalk

As you've seen, I've been wondering a bit about our more traditional methods of late.
I haven't felt any guilt or shame about doing it, as I haven't been insistent or domineering, and I've wanted to experiment with what is inspiring to him, while maintaining our partnership.
We haven't done any reading lately, but we've stayed busy with jokes, Star Wars, talking about evaporation, making our Pinwheels for Peace, discussing death (ie how nothing ever dies, it just changes form), imaginary play, visiting cousins, and visiting the children's museum.
But, the last few days, he is reading tons! Just on his own, he is sounding out words. Cereal boxes, the calendar, all sorts of things.
While I was fixing supper a few minutes ago, he put some letters together on the fridge. " 'g'. 'a'. Ga!" and off we went. I started making words for him to read. He probably did about 25? And then I pulled together 'and' and he read that, and then we added a 'h' in front of it, and he read 'hand'. It was so cool to see him initiate it. A couple of the letters he faltered over, as we have not done them in several days, and he asked me what the sound was, and I told him. After we were done, he headed off to the living room to put in Leap's Letters. I'm not sure if it was my "N, the 'n' says 'nnn'....Not now, not next week, not never!" that prompted him to put in the dvd, I don't know, or if he wanted a refresher course, or what.
But he put it in, and a few minutes later he heads out the front door to write a huge capital H on our sidewalk with chalk. He wanted to show me, so I went out there, and I of course was properly impressed! It is his first letter. We've practiced a tiny bit, but I wasn't sure if he was wanting to, or not. And then while I was out there oohing over his H, he wanted to know how to write a lower case h, and a lower case a, and capital B, and on we went.
We came inside, and I got out the magnet board, which is dry erase on the other side, and some erasable markers, and told him he could draw letters to his hearts content, and I would take the picture. He did for a while, but kept erasing it, and I didn't get a picture of the letters, only of him writing.

I've been wondering if I can rightly call myself an unschooler, as I've been doing some initiating, and we've been practicing reading, but after seeing Trevelyn reading things, just for his own satisfaction tells me that he is wanting to, and ready for reading. I see that the things we've been doing lately have been inspiring to him. He's picking up everything, and saying "what shape is this? Right! a diamond!" and what shape is this? and so on.
Life is pretty marvelous.

My family is in the living room, snuggling in, and watching Star Wars (one of them). I'm going to go join them.

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