Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 1

It's been two weeks, already. Goodness!
The last few days I've been working, Backyard Capers calendars are due between the 25th and 28th of the month, and it takes a few days for me to get them done. Big days. (Like 14 hours plus!)
Today I was pretty worthless- having finished them- couldn't get my thoughts and body together enough to accomplish anything, so this day was more of a disseminate and piddle sort of day.
The only thing I did for longer than a minute or two was to play here for a bit while the baby slept in my Resting Spot. We had my favorite meditation music on, a few candles going (the room is in the basement and without a window- so all light is optional) and after checking on a few influential details, I sat down at my work table.
My friend Melissia and I ordered a rather large quantity of essential oils a few days ago, and my mind has been venturing in that relative direction for several days now.

I've had a few pages gathering dust on geocities for quite some time, but I've never found much satisfaction with them, or have been too excited about them.
But the last few days I've been re-motivated to research and examine relative topics - green cleaners, gardening, soaps- and have been inspired to get the pages updated and moved to somewhere ad-free, how about a site I own?
So now Backyard Capers has a tag-along; my personal pages, which I call Enchanted Living.
My thoughts are that while I am chomping at the bit to garden during this and the next month (and it's too rainy and cold to get much done, hopefully! -we live in the desert) I'll have an outlet to express my ideas and knowledge on magickal gardens, butterfly gardens, fairy and herb gardens.
The other pages are also telling of things I'm interested in and fascinated with. Natural, non-toxic cleaners, home-made soaps that don't inlclude ingredients such as (shiver) propylene glycol and sodium laureth sulfates. Now, I don't believe in "living in fear", and I don't live my life afraid of mainstream or common things and theories, but I do like to keep my home and my world as natural and as... free-flowing as possible. I like natural fibers, I'm not afraid of sun-bathing but fearful of "tanning beds", and I much prefer organic foods. Not only because of the consumption of pesticides, but also based on principle.

Wow! All this talkin' and not a word so far about parenting or unschooling! :)

I did, in fact, have a major break-through today.
I was totally uptight and my attitude was "aggravated and tense" today (I think I may be you-know-whatting, I'll let you know in approximately 5 days!) anyway... there were several times today where I was a maniac. BUT, and wow, what a but!, instead of letting it fly, as I am want to do ordinarily, I actually managed to curb it today. Just shouted whatever horrible thoughts/frustrations I was having in my head, and did NOT let them come out of my mouth.
Woohoo! And this was like ten times! (yes, I have days of neurosis!)
Admittedly, I did verbalize said frustration once or twice, but the overwhelming majority was "zipped". Thank God (hadn't thought of it 'til now) that I spoke with Melissia today, and was somehow reminded that this was what I wanted for my life.
In the words of Albert Einstein in "IQ"..... "Wahoo!"

Anyway! So today was concocting and cleaning, getting ready for the arriving shipment. (rubbing my hands with glee!) If I find the quality of the oils to be what they should be (in essential oils), I'll certainly pass on the information, as they have astounding prices. I have used them for candle fragrance oils, but have never ordered essential oils from them. (essentials are relatively new for them.)

And now dinner is ready (thanks Eric!) and my head is spinning with thoughts of food and family, so I'd better check out!

Much love to you and Yours,

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