Saturday, March 31, 2007

Staring into the Chocolate Lucky Charms Abyss

I finally did it.
Finally drew a deep breath.... shut my eyes tight.....calmed my racing heart......and said......."Okay, son."

This was Friday.
So let's have one more for good measure. again. (shudder)

He's been asking for a long time, for several months - probably since they first came out.
I told him (quite honestly) that I didn't think he'd like them, as he usually doesn't like stuff like that - pretend food. But he kept asking, and I kept saying "not today."

So I've been thinking about it, and went through the thoughts of "what if he likes them?" and considering what, exactly I've been objecting to. Besides the eew factor.

He had his first bowl last night. I poured a half bowl, in case he didn't like it. He did.

After the small bowl of lucky charms he had a whole ham sandwich. (I'd like to insert here that we buy nitrate-free meats and organic milks, vegetables and fruits, so my children are exposed to mostly healthy foods.) Then celery, carrots, cherry tomatos, pretzels, a popsicle, more celery, cucumber slices, and a few other things that I can't remember. All in about two hours.

I don't know what I was worried about. It's not as if I'm feeding him a bowl of Chocolate Lucky Charms and then calling it good and sending him off to school. Or expect that to last him throughout the day. It's not even terribly likely that he'll even eat them for breakfast. Might be lunch. Or after lunch. Or (rolling my eyes) more likely, as we're cooking dinner.

Since life ebbs and flows, and this week I was an observer, and not a doer, it was the perfect time for me to pull out my RU WonderMama cape and fly into the Chocolate Lucky Charms abyss.

And I came out alright. I'm not soggy. It's funny how if you don't give something magical powers, and just view it for what it is it just sort of quickly fades into the background.
Now it's a non-issue. I'm unattached to them.
And I don't have a single one of the sticky little things stuck in my hair or to my cape.


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Stephanie said...

comment from author: It's been about two weeks, and my son has had one bowl of CLC cereal since that first bowl. The second was about four days ago. He said something about it being too chocolatey and yucky.