Sunday, April 08, 2007

Growth of the Spirit

Had this post rolling around in my head a couple of days ago, but since then pretty much forgot about it.
But today I was thinking about my life, and my love for it (see today's post for details) and decided to revisit this particular trail of thoughts.
Had a conversation with (ahem) a friend the other day, and right when I had an important point to make I totally lost What In Tarnation I wanted to say.
As it's been a couple of days, I've since remembered, and it was something along these particular lines...
I've said more than once in my life that you can see things at least two different ways (it's the big picture t0 which I am referring). You can see it (the universe, universal truth) as a giant globe with an infinite amount of tiny cracks and crevices - details, or you can just see it as simply a giant "one" sort of thing. Complete.
Intricate, if you wish.
Or Plain and Simple, if you wish.
The viewing of it doesn't change the whole, it only changes the perception of it.
I'm sort of coming into an understanding of myself - at least in moments- that I'm -at present- a "detail" sort of girl.
My home doesn't consist of sparse simplicity, but one of details. Most of my walls are painted with more than one color. I have many pictures decorating my walls. My decorating style is predominantly Victorian. Not a very "plain" style, admittedly. I like the "storybook cottage" sort of look.
I like details. I like romance. Pictures of mama's blowing bubbles for babies. Children being mauled by a litter of kittens. The sound of a little boys laughter while being tumbled by puppies. My gardens are cottage style. No neat and tidy rows of tomatoes and green beans. Tomatoes next to basil, mixed in with foxgloves with a backdrop of hollyhocks. Filled with all the things I love. Beauty above practicality.
This observation of my self is not new to me, but it was lately brought on by my friend (alright, it's Melissia)'s post. She wrote about being Opinionated vs. being Authentic. While I am not challenged by her thoughts (defensive), as a friend of hers, I am intrigued by her thoughts, and I relate her experiences and stories to my own life.
That's the great thing about having friends, they challenge your thinking and judgments unrepentantly, and spur you to expand your own thinking and introspection.
All in the name of personal -or spirtitual- growth.

Sidenote: I learned today on Saturday -er, Sunday morning cartoons What the most vocalized/common word in the English language is. I was thinking "the", or "a". No, indeed. It is "I".
Probably a more revised and edited version of this post to come. I'm presently in the middle of making Chocolate Chip Cookies with the babes.

note later by author: I may have given the impression that I disagreed with Melissia's beautiful and serene observation. Not so. I know her words to be truth, indeed, the spirit has no ego and nothing to prove. I was only questioning my own need to hang onto certain things in my life, and then coming to the conclusion that for now, such things are a big part of Who I Am, and that I'm alright with that.
Much thanks to her for getting me thinking about self acceptance.