Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Light Sabers and Life Savers Part II

I knew this would be continued, I just didn't know it would be less than 5 minutes after I clicked "publish"...

"Where did you put the Life Sabers, Mom?"
"Oh. I thought you said 'four' would do it?"
"Uh, how 'bout.... five?!?"
"Five more, or five total?" asked I, while holding up fingers for counting and making quick decisions.
"Uh.... five more!" He's bright, no doubt about it. Who says Math can't be learned naturally? He's only five, remember.
We head toward the kitchen and sniff, sniff, sniff around until we sniff out the bag of green life savers that someone at work on Saturday gave me because they have a preference for red and orange only.
"Here they are! One. Two. Three. Four. Five!"
Laugh, laugh, laugh, from Trev. That's what RU looks like in our house.

He's found the light sabers. Evidently five isn't cutting it, either.
Mama sneaks up. "Rah!" she jumps out. Trev looks chagrined.
"Did I scare you, or just bust you?" asked I.
"You just busted me."
"Okay. (putting my hands as horse blinders on either side of his eyes) "Focus! (laughingly) Are you hungry, or you just want a sweet snack?"
"A sweet snack!!"
"Okay, (me), "Frozen Peas?" I'm wanting to run-through-the-gauntlet, and if it's really life savers he wants, it's fine with me. If he's hungry, then we need to do something about that.
(looking through the fridge....)
"Wait, Yougurt? Yeah, I'd like some yougurt!"
"Coming right up."

(sigh) Aah. Two life lessons in less that one minute. Yup. That's what RU looks like in real life.

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