Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Emotional Health

I am trying to get really clear about my intentions regarding my own and my children's emotional health.

I think I can categorize what I'd like to achieve into just a few thoughts -
Judgments - shed my own tendencies to censor and censure.
Help them to understand the purpose of their emotions - that they let us know what we're thinking about, and creating.
There is an answer somewhere for the question of what responsibility does one have for another's emotions.
I think the answer for me has to do with the Golden Rule, or can be observed and experienced through the natural law of cause and effect, among others.
Lastly is dissension - I'd like to find a way for all of us to develop skills and habits of how we handle ourselves when we are in contentious situations.

We'll see if the day brings any ideas or insight to these matters, or something else entirely!

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