Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Field of Wishes

Eric told me of a commercial where there's a guy remembering his childhood, and his love for dandelions. Then it shows him all of a sudden rushing to a store to buy some chemicals to kill them off.
I haven't seen it. He says I won't like it, and I'll be terribly offended.
I am sure he's right.
I like to think of them as wishes, still.
There's a whole small field of them directly connected to my yard. I don't think there's any grass there. They don't bother me a bit.

I'm planting Mullein in my garden this year. It grows wild in my mountains, and the flowers and leaves I can harvest for herb crafting in the fall.
Told my father-in-law (the landscape designer) that I am planting some - from seed - and his blanch was pretty comical. After his "Oh, Honey!" he must have heard my small "but I like it!" and noticed my crest-fallen face, because very quickly, he said "Well, a weed is just a misplaced flower."

Can be said for so many things, hmm?

Here's to less folks thinking that children are "weeds", and starting to see instead the Magic.

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Sean Greenbek said...

I've never thought of that. I'm burying my children in the backyard ASAP. ;)