Saturday, May 05, 2007

There's something to be said for a messy house....

Ordinarily, I would say those things are all bad.
But lately, in my blog frenzy, I'm changing my mind.
I've had lots of good things to say :) while I sit amongst my dirty rugs and piles of unfolded laundry!
It's like I'm so filled up lately, I'll just explode if I don't get it out.
That's pretty typical for me - I get really into something, and it consumes me, and I suck it up with everything I am; could last a week, month, a year or more, and then I sit for a bit, and then I find something else that consumes me. And sometimes I go back to it.
How very unschooly of me!

sidenote: Maddie is hanging on my chair shouting "Annabelle, drop!" and "two, three, GO!" and "loh (love) you, too" and now "she's seeping (sleeping)" going through her phrases, I s'pose! - mmm-rah! gonna eat her up!

I've been visiting lots of unschooler's blogs the last few days. Just to check things out, you know. Wondering what other flavors there are besides my own, and interested in seeing if there are any kindred spirits out there, somewhere.
Besides the ones I've found in my very own home town, that is.
I've been reading comments like "I'm the only unschooler in my state".
And that thought brings up a few things for me.
I read a lot (in phases) on Always Unschooled. I read-read-read-read for probably 16 months or so (with a little bit 'off' from, time to time). Lately, not so much. But when I find myself asking "what the hell is this?" and "where am I?" on my parenting path, I know to go back in a hurry, and recalibrate.
It's not that I intend to align myself, or realign myself, with the sentiment of others, it's more that I have a need of finding my truth again, and reading the questions of others always helps me to do that.
Lately, as I've said, I've not been in dire need of it as much.
I have this..... wonderful doesn't say it.... collectively 'supreme'... tribe of mama's around me that I can take my problems or dilemma's to, and I will invariably be led toward exactly what was missing, or what I wasn't seeing. They're all different; each is so important to me for what they are to me. (You'll find them in my sidebar under "Friends".) I'll go more about these Paragons of Virtue later, as they deserve their own post!
Also, I've been reading, as I said, other Unschooler blogs (the webring).
Which brings me to.....
How wonderful to find such inspiration and resources to enrich my life and my parenthood because of the thoughts and wisdom of others! Possibly heightened and rejuvenated by the recent conference; everyone is so full of life and love and acceptance, it's a pleasure to just bask in their glow. I get the benefit of the conference long distance!
I sometimes think (not often, as I'm really an "all things happen as they Should" kind of girl, but I thank God that I had my children when I did (instead of in my twenties, which was -gasp!- pre internet!) How would I have found my way?
But of course, all things do happen As They Should, and my children came to me For A Reason, and we don't really have to ponder such things!

Tonight Trev brings in the robot game to me. It's a little board game, you're a scientist, trying to put together your robot before anyone else. "Let's play Robots!"
"But I don't want to read all those directions again," it's a newer game, and it took me like 1/2 an hour last time to read the directions, " I just wanna play robots! I'll make up the game myself."
"Sounds good!" Why not?
It actually ended up that he and Cakes played while I finished up supper.
Maybe old hat to some, but this was the first time that I didn't even consider that maybe we should play it at least once before we started making up our own games, and lost or destroyed the pieces.
My honest, true, unflinching attitude was "Yes." No doubts. No fears. No worries.
Just Trust. And a feeling of Freedom.
I am learning.

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