Wednesday, June 20, 2007


#20 is Go on family bike rides.
Woohoo! We did our first one tonight - and it was super fun!
We went up the street a ways, and then up to the next block then back down and around, and ended up at the neighborhood church cruisin' in the parking lot.
Maddie ran and ran, Trev chased and shouted "I'm gaining on you!", and we in general just raced and frolicked and had a most excellent time.
I love my new cruiser! And the new bike trailer.

My dad called today and said "you mentioned a laptop, I have this one for x amount of dollars, you'll have 90 days to pay for it (through Dell - it's on his account), do you want it?
Eric said okay, so we should be getting that in the mail in a few days.
Looking forward to it!
(Not so sure about Vista, but we'll see!)
Almost two down!
I really gotta get that list finished.

I'm so tired - maybe I'll get up early tomorrow (it's Midsummer!) and have a bit of wit in the morning.
Remember to say hi to your fairy friends tomorrow -and leave them a bit of milk and honey.
Sleep extra well on this shortest night of the year! And Blessed Be.

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