Friday, June 01, 2007

June 1

(sniff sniff) Is someone making chocolate chip cookies in here? I can smell them. Surely I'm not confusing that smell with damp dirty laundry.

Got a pool today.
On the way to the store:
Plastic kiddie pool. No, maybe one of the bigger ones. No, not practical. Plastic. Buy two of them, because got two five? years ago, (accidentally) and was perhaps the Greatest Mistake of my Life. Felt bad for a long time, however. Until I put it in the recycle this year, actually. Now I'm over the guilt. One mistakenly inside the other - made for extra durability. Had no idea until the one inside started to tear, and get holes. -What's this?

Get in the store.
Aah, but if I buy this inflatable, it's collapsible, and easily stored, and then I don't have to have this big bright blue circle thingy acting as a beacon to space in my yard in the wintertime, when everything is dull, and brown, and quiet, and still.
But it's a waste of money, you know it won't last throughout the day!
But the inflatable shark we got last year for the lake will fit in this one!
It's too tall to put the slide in it.
It's bigger!
How is Maddie going to get in it?
This one is only twelve dollars.

And on it goes.
I did buy the large one on sale for $12.
It's big. Takes a lot of water. But it's big. Big enough for the whole family.

Birthdays this month. Two of them. June babies. 20th (Cakes) and 30th (little Son).
We're thinking (uh - it could be that I'm using the Royal We in this statement) that the jumping beans need a trampoline for their birthdays.

Mama The Gardener sees her Backyard Utopia not only shrinking in size, but also a shrinking of ownership.
Nine foot pool. Swingset. Trampoline.
How shall the fey and I ever celebrate and rejoice in our Magic Circle with a trampoline in the middle of it? Do you suppose the Queen Mother will understand? Is she laughing at me now?

Perhaps this is related to "I make my children buy school supplies and school clothes with their allowance." Do you think? Bah!

I'll make do. For space, maybe I can set the tramp over the pool?

Drain it for a celebration. I'm sure the water will need changing, anyway. Despiciousness, don't you know.
Roll the tramp on it's side out of the way when I need the space for a formal sabbat or esbat celebration.
That will do, don't you suppose?
Is this where I get to feel like a Good Mama?

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