Sunday, June 10, 2007

Letting the Sunshine In (Or... Finding the Magic)

In case you missed it - this post is about finding happiness in this very ordinary day.
My scouring powder.
Strange, you might say. But consider that I make it myself, and it's full of goodness. Baking soda, borax, and a delicious combination of essential oils - lavender, orange, and peppermint. Mmmm, seems to clean my soul as I scrub.

A perfect cantaloupe - first one of the year.

My new tennies.

Cottage flowers.

My firepit.

Fresh clean sheets.

A clean bathroom.

Open windows.

This pitcher and bowl filled with roses.

Maddie's bedroom.

Window boxes.

Laundry on the line.

Lemon balm.

The magic colors of twilight (I'm anticipating)- silvery lavender through a beautiful purple, to deepest indigo.

This shade garden.

A glass of cold beer. (You saw that one coming, didn't you?)

Wicker patio furniture.




All the beautiful colors in my son's hair glowing in the sun.

This room - glowing the sunlight.

The way my son adds "ment" on to the end of words. "This is my happiment."

The way Maddie says "I'n" instead of "I'm". Today it was "I'n dant-cing!"



My home.

A glass of iced tea.

A good night's sleep. (made especially luxurious if I get it just with my husband(as there is room to stretch) - when the babes happily snuggle on their pallette next to us all night.)

This picture.
A cool drink of water.

The way my son just said "knithe" instead of knife. And the way he still says "free" for three.

The beauty of finding magic in an Utterly Ordinary Day.

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Ren said...

It's SO cool that you posted this! Just a few mornings ago, my ordinary morning seemed so perfect I started taking photos of all the "perfection".

I meant to blog about the perfect moments/items, but haven't yet. You've inspired me to go do it...later today.:)