Monday, July 16, 2007


I've been thinking about reflecting light.
I suspect there's a truth here that everyone knows but me.

I am considering that there is a universal law here, something about all things being reflective in light (light being a medium for vision, awareness, and discovering truth in concepts.)
I'm wondering if there is a connection -as in it's the same- between all things being reflective in physics and astronomy, and the same being true for things on a more personal and intimate level - those matters being personal choices, spiritual quests, and our general daily actions.

Do you suppose that our daily actions reflect just as well? Well of course they do. Why wouldn't they?
I think this is what the whole microcosm/macrocosm thing is about. "As in Heaven, so on Earth". And "As above, so below."

These aren't foreign concepts for me. I've long acknowledged these particular truths. It just strikes me now because it seems that I've stumbled upon another layer of the truth. It's the same truth, of course, just laid out for me in a new way.
And I'm fascinated by it.

All the more reason to be conscious of our daily thoughts, actions, and reflections of the world around us.
All the more reason to act in a peaceful and kind manner.
We have the choice of simply reflecting What Is in an unaltered manner. And it could very well go around reflecting off every one else, unchanged - or getting worse-, for a very long time. Possibly infinitely.
Or we can change it.
If we utilize our wisdom and consciousness to transform a particular thing into something bearing love or kindness, don't you suppose that it would be reflected in the Heavens?

Don't you suppose that this would be the way to Change The World?

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