Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 20

Here's to finding beauty anywhere.

Dentist's office.
While shopping for shoes.

At the grocery store.

On the kitchen table.



whimsigal said...

Was this at the amusement park? We have a historical museum here that has something simliar but not quite as detailed as what you captured.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, there is a little section in the park called "Pioneer Village", and it has a millenery (closed), toy shopppe, post office w/jail, jail, couple of cabins, etc.
Really neat.
I'm surprised the pics turned out so well, they were all taken from behind glass.
You can't tell, for the most part. Which is surprising, for it wasn't all that clean, either.
(Maybe others can tell on their screens, but I can't on mine.)

Stephanie said...

Oh - except the church. No glass there.

whimsigal said...

wow! you totally can't tell that there was glass in front of the camera.


Stephanie said...

Thanks, Evie!