Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gratitude: Beautiful Noise

I mentioned yesterday that I turned off the coolers for a little while.
In doing so, I was reminded of beautiful noise.

About this time every year I start to get really tense and bothered by the constant whirring and blowing of the coolers' noises. Might not sound like a big deal to you, but consider that I have them (we have two of them - two seperate areas of the house) on for two months straight. The sound is akin to the heater blowing in the winter, except that it's about six to ten times louder than the furnace blowing. It's not particularly obnoxious, you understand, just... constant.

So yesterday I turned it off for a bit, after I went outside and discovered that it was quite pleasant and cool due to the dark gray clouds.
How lovely it was.

Now this morning I've turned them off again. High of eighty-three today the weather lady promised. Oh. How lovely!

So here I am now.
Sittin' at the kitchen table, softly click-click-clicking away on the notebook.
Kitchen window is wide open.
Neighor across the street is talking gently to her dog, warning her not to go into the street.
I can hear Trev rummaging for particular sea creatures to put into his bath.
I hear Maddie gently tapping some large legos together.
My washing machine is churning, doing it's best to get our whites their brightest.
A car goes by every once in a while.
Birds are cheeping and chirping.

No drowning hums and whirs.

Just small and intricate sounds.
Beautiful noise.

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