Tuesday, August 07, 2007

letting go

Sometimes we just have troubles.
Sometimes it might soothe one's mind and heart to do a little protection magick.
Sometimes we can't help but notice and focus on things that are going awry.

Sometimes we need to work through it.
And sometimes we can just let it go.

I think I want my next book purchase to be a translation of the Tao Te Ching. I have no idea which one. I have no idea how to find an interpretation that is a match for me.
Maybe one will just come to me. (If you have one that you love, please pass on the information...)

I was listening to Wayne Dyer late, late last night (2am) on pbs. I just really love him. Anyway, he was speaking about rigidity and fluidity. That in a moment of conflict, you might imagine yourself as water, and being water, would be able to gently get into (flow with) another.

A strange sort of thing happened, it brought to my mind a picture of myself, as water, and just flowing across the street, and puddling and trickling throughout the driveway of the little duplexes.
Interestingly enough, this odd thought brought me a sense of peace and tranquility, it was as though the strife I had been feeling had flowed out of me as well.

It makes no sense, I know.
But there you have it.

I'm not afraid.
I'm not resentful.
I am not worried.

I don't know that this feeling of serenity (regarding the recent conflict) is permanent.
I only know that for now I am at peace.

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