Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pristine Pieces

Today, I am in search of... basking in... celebrating!, all that is clean.


It starts with refilling (making) my cleaners.
(Here you are to notice and admire the clean, tangle-free hair, and the tidy brows.)

A freshly laundered shower curtain.Clean linens.

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whimsigal said...

you make your own cleaner? oh, good grief.

I'm not worthy of your friendship as I am still polluting Mother with Lysol, Comet, Windex, Pledge. Where did you get the recipes for your cleaners? I would love to make my own. So much healthier for everyone.

Oh yeah, I forgot, the bug guy is coming today to get rid of the Palmetto Bugs (ginormous roach) that are the size of a city bus. You don't know fear until you sit down to make pee pee and one of those is on the ceiling above you going, "hey, Lady! can you hand me some TP?" So, that can't be good for Mother Earth either!

Can you email me the info on your homemade cleaners?

Your pictures look lovely by the way. I can almost smell the sunshine.