Thursday, August 30, 2007



Do you hear that?
It's the Sound

Glorious, isn't it?

Now before you judge me or think ill of me for basking in this very quiet and very alone time, know that this is the third time I've been alone in my home in all these (Trev is six) years. Never for more than an hour, and for not more than an hour today, either.... but here it is now.
They're safe, of course. Little Lundi (Kim k's little dd) is here from Maine visiting, and the babes (my sister Robyn's two and mine) have all been invited to Grammy's for a bit of fun and rumpus. Well, a bit of fun, anyway, Grammy isn't all that fond of rumpusing.
We are surely doing our best to convince her of its merits, however. One dinosaur sized hop at a time.

What was I going to say?
Oh yes, it's quiet.
Was that it?
You'd think I could be a bit more brilliant than that, being uninterrupted, and all.

I think I shall choose these little quiet moments for my gratitude post today.
I am indeed very grateful.


Kim said...

I went to the Temple last week and just sat for a long time enjoying the silence there. It truly is a beautiful thing. I don't get it at home much either, so I know it is sacred when it comes. I am sure you enjoyed your self.
Love you!

PS....I am really thankful that I can tell you about this challenge. Thanks for asking, it has been good to type it out.
I am not quite ready to tell Mom yet about Caleb (See my blog) so if you could keep it under your hat I would appreciate it.

Laura said...

Silence is really a beautiful thing, perhaps because we get so little of it. Sometimes I even forget how the hum of my computer can be so deafening, and I turn it off. My youngest is gone for the weekend (to the lake with gram) and since I melted into an emotional puddle Friday night after our first week of school's new grip on our life, I was oh-so-grateful that he wasn't here bouncing on his tramp, jumping rope, cooking pasta, and firing a zillion questions at me all at the same time, as is the norm. I felt a little sheepish about enjoying it so much, but my weak guts really needed the break.

Ok, I'll shush now. :)