Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm grateful for just a moment.


Laura said...

I think I need to take up a practice of gratitude like you, to help me through this funk. I was going to email you but i didn't see an addy in your profile, just so I don't gum up comments sections with my whining. (Yet here I am...) Thx for your support on my blog - already I don't like this new version of me, of us, this school-ruled us. UG. So I need to start sending out better messages to the universe knowing that which I give out, I shall receive.


Thanks for the reminder to take a moment and feel grateful!

Stephanie said...

For future reference,
Damned expectations. Learning to let go of them (thank God I came to unschooling!) is one of the most glorious things in my life.
I'm not there entirely, mind you, but I am trying, and this freedom is taking me into heights I had never before imagined.
And thanks for the idea on today's (the end of the 30 days) gratitude post.

Stephanie said...

clarification - a bit paranoid about misinterpretations today -
Not at all saying that you are experiencing expectations. I only mean that the whole "need to get to bed on time" and "no, you have to get up NOW", and "homework done?" all those trappings are extremely hurtful to the unschooler's heart, and to have them inflicted on any of us is painful.
Imposed restrictions, I guess I mean.
Not for us, Man.

Laura said...

You are making me laugh with all your clarifications! Don't worry, you've already stamped yerself onto my heart and won't be easily misread... and if all else fails, I'll ASK! (What a concept!) I'm just grateful you take time out of your life to muse on me and my troubles. It is MOST appreciated.

We broke through tonight... tears and all... which is ok, it signals the upswing! Lots of hugs and reassurances and "this really bites" and let's talk about what we want and need.. and I think I might sleep tonight.

Thank YOU.