Saturday, September 08, 2007

Let's Just MAKE Them Be Free

This is how I feel most of the time.
It's ridiculous, I know.
Such is my my head.
And heart.
And spirit.
Full of contradictions.

It occurred to me yesterday - this whole complex idea of making people be free - is one of the really big things I need to learn in this life. Up there with We Are All One. And Patience. There are subtle colors and nuances - but also intricate turns and dead-ends!, to this idea, and I am just beginning to find my way through them.

The problem with just letting others be free to be miserable is that I believe that if we could erase what went wrong - in children, all folks oppressed, all folks who were mistreated as a child and who now are dis-eased with harmful tendencies or behaviors, all folks who are down-trodden and under tyranny, and replaced it with enough love, kindness, understanding, and freedom, the hurts would be gone.
I truly believe that people hurt others because they are hurting themselves. What other reason is there?

There is a really subtle - maybe even abstract - thought that sponsors another thought that says that yes, people are free to live under tyranny or bondage (in whatever form they choose), but others are also free to point out another way - others that desire A Change In The World. In collective consciousness. That maybe it's alright to be a guiding voice for others who may be looking to free themselves. Yes, Truth can be found anywhere. You can find it listening to the wind, on the radio being belted out by Tina Turner, while watching a boxing match, and an infinite amount of places. Some of us (yours truly) find whole bunches of inspiration on the 'net (sidebar).
Truth is funny that way. Eventually we can't miss it.

I just really don't see a problem with wanting and helping to change the world. By linking with others who share your feelings. It's not an apocalypse or cataclysm I'm speaking of, but rather a shift in society's consciousness - an evolution of society.
I am thinking that perhaps it's possible.
Societies evolve, don't they? Surely they do. Any anthropologists out there? Surely they shift, and change, and dip, and meld with another, and influence and are influenced by, and evolve. Probably it relates to the Powers That Be at the moment. In regard to who is in political power, and who is speaking up - the Abe Lincolns, and Rosa Parks, and Adolph Hitlers, and the comings and goings of the world.
Yes now that I think of it, of course society changes. It has changed thousands of times!

It is not my intent to proselytize. But who among us wouldn't want to experience more joy, more compassion, more peace, more patience, more love, and more hope?
I feel like I sound like (big grin) that I'm trying to start a new religion. Heaven Forbid! Rest assured, that's not my intent.
It's just that I am entering into a place in my life where I am beginning to believe that a different state of the world is possible. Not according to my own rules of "making them be free". As appealing as that simple idea is.
But something more regular. Softer. Like a newspaper article. Like going on the Dr. Phil show and then putting short clips on YouTube. Like demonstrating skills while you're in the park dealing with tired and hungry children. Like listening to a sister-in-law complain with kindness and understanding. Like mending some of your own hurts by being the interpreter between your child and your mother.
And maybe even like speaking your Truth by writing in a silly ol' blog.
You know what they say.
Change begins with me.


Lerend Zonder School said...

It must be driven by the likes of a revolution, and yet be peaceful in nature so as to be embraced by the masses. I think humans basically want the same things, and most mainstream are just going about it in ways in which they think they will acheive peace, but in ways in which they have been misled.

I hear "be nice", "no fighting", "are you sharing?", "that was a mean thing to say/do", ect.. a lot lately. You can't force/manipulate someone into being nice by making them feel bad about themselves, children and adults alike. I like your subtle examples of ways to infiltrate the mainstream and perhaps bring them over to a new way of seeing by speaking to the human soul.

KMDuff said...

posted about the train cake a bit. :) loving your essays. reminding me of some themes in 1984 some.

Stephanie said...

Julie -
A beautifully written message.
Jimmy Carter once said "In many countries around the world — my wife and I have visited about 125 countries — you hear John Lennon's song 'Imagine' used almost equally with national anthems."
Hearing this not only gives me hope, but it says to me that people really DO want change.
I think this is why our daily actions are so important. Because we contribute, for better or worse, to the state of the world by our daily thoughts and actions.

Stephanie said...

M -
The real 1984 (the year) was big for me. The eighties were a time of rebellion against society, and my own "coming into my own" (I was class of '86).
While in my youth I made statements against society, it was a statement of "this is wrong!".
While I now, in my humanity and imperfection, still view certain things as "wrong", I am starting to consider and believe that change is possible.
And I'd like to invite others to believe it too, and invite folks to take responsibility for their actions and words, and not wait for the apocolypse, when things will be taken care of for them.
Kindness begets kindness.
This is probably the message in most churches (though I wouldn't really know), but I think it's something people hear, but don't really heed all that much.
We (most certainly myself included) just get busy in our lives, and say and do things unthinkingly or accusingly ("What did you do That for?") a dozen times a day.
Coming away from those patterns and practicing living mindfully is what some of us are trying to attain - but I'm now thinking the benefit is not only to our children - and their playmates, and our neighbors, and extended family, etc - but also it will very probably have benefits upon society itself. As a conscientious movement, as well as the domino effect of kind acts to one another.

Laura said...

You rock, grrlfriend. This is good stuff, very good stuff. I know I felt very much in this 'space' after my father died. I felt very much removed from the goings-on around me, and yet it put all of the craziness and busyness and pettiness into perspective and made me need to send constant vibes of gentleness, extreme tolerance, and peacefulness to everyone around me. Probably because that's what I so needed the world to be in that moment. But it was very profound that instead of anger and resentment, I felt called to love and peace more than ever.


Together we can heal the world. I mean, we found each other, right? So ya see, it's working. :)

"If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting."

Mama Podkayne said...

Came here by way of the unschooling ring......

This is a theme I am struggling with myself. It is interesting to here someone else work through it. My end thought was also religion sounding: we make (or not) our own hell(s) and we are here to experience and choose our own experiences. Suffering can come from external sources but it is our reflection internally of the experience that leads to suffering or growth or both.

Anyway, nice to drop in!

Stephanie said...

Mama P -
Yes, I truly believe that. I believe we are free to interpret the events and our choices as we see fit.
I also believe (in some moments) that I can save the world!
I really think that there is a Great Truth somewhere for me in this question. Thought. Idea.
I'll find it someday...
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!
Stephanie S