Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sacred Spaces

Today I spent much of my time downstairs in My Room. Yes, My Room.
A place that I hardly visit at all during the spring and summer, as My Room becomes the backyard, the various miniature gardens, the patio.
But when it gets cool outside, and I am in need of sanctuary, I have this one.
Sacred Space, for me.
Most people have them.
A place to surround themselves with things that remind them to be True.
For many, it's their front room, the place they greet their guests. It shines with whatever they fancy - holy relics, temples, people they admire, etc.
Mine has those too, but it's downstairs, out of the way, and a place that's only for me.
And the children and Eric, as they often come down there when they're in need of peace or sanctuary.

Today I began cleaning it, as the season demands, and once again I was so thankful that I have this space - a room that I can enter, and feel an overwhelming (but welcome) immediate peace and sense of myself... and right-ness.
I am so grateful.


whimsigal said...

I'm in awe. You have a whole room for yourself? It's not just an altar in your house but an entire room. Wow. And it looks amazing...picking my jaw up off the floor now.

Laura said...

Holy wowza! That is a COOL space! Ohmygosh I want one. I want one now.

(Holy wowza? How uninspired of me...)

Stephanie said...

I figure the children have three - one each, then the playroom - not to mention the rest of the house - den, livingroom, backyard, frontyard, kitchen, bathroom and mine/eric's bedroom, so why not?
Seems only fair.
'Sides that, I think they're all quite happy on those cold wintery days when I have somewhere to hide myself.
Meditation and machinations, don't you know!

whimsigal said...

well, I know what I'm going to start doing...and I have just the place for it, too.

Stephanie said...

Ooooooh, I can't wait! Please share!!!!

PS - The pictures are dark, I know, I was shooting by candlelight, obviously. I'm waiting for my camera batteries to recharge, then I"ll take one with the light on (it is a windowless room)
I don't want anyone getting wierded out by the darkness, and wondering what menacing things are lurking in the shadows! :)
There is just a bit more I wanted to say about it, so I may bore everyone with another post.
It's my blog, right???
I can post about things I love...

Kim said...

I love the new banner. If I am not mistaken, I know that bookshelf. When I saw it it took me right back to my childhood....isn't that Moms old one?
Beautiful room, I wish I had one too. Well....I do. But it's in Boston and I only get to visit it about every other month. It's called the Temple.
Thanks for sharing and thanks for beibg such a deep thinker.
Loye and miss youXOXO.

Stephanie said...

It's the one Daddy made!
I'm so glad to have something of his!