Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sisters Speak

I read on Boho's a little over a week ago, this message-
"...Totally how church should be. At one point, towards the end, a woman got up to sing a beautiful, heart~soaked song that had this message:"When you feel you've done all you can... just STAND."

Yes. Yes.

And then tonight on Soule Mama I read-
"scene from the end of a day -
the favorite, softest summery cotton pajama pants - slipped on just as the sun sets :: a few more striped rocks added to the pile from the day's adventure :: the splashing, laughing, tired sound of 'three soules in a tub'..."

...and honest to goodness, it made me want to weep.
Not out of longing, or sentimentality, but for very practical reasons.
I try to recognize and acknowledge the beautiful (but buried in ordinary) treasures of the day. No doubt about it.

What I found so affecting were two things close to my own heart lately - today's cool weather - so fine that I lounged in my cropped salmon pink cotton knit pj pants all day, and even moreso - the mention of "three Soule's in a tub".
Unremarkable to you, but not so to me.
It reminded me that in real life, in very real childhood, it is quite possible that loving, carefree, and natural children can interact in a "home" environment, and "three in a tub" is not of itself cause for worry and heartache.
And now having said that, I am hereby done with these particular worries, and am done with, Once and For All, this particular subject.
I am well rid of this subject.
I'm not slamming the door violently, and going out kicking and screaming.
But the whole thing really shook me and my perceptions. Because of innuendos or others prejudices, I questioned innocence and it made us vulnerable to others judgments.
No more.
I am now free of it.
We are free.


Laura said...

Good for you - I'm gonna give a little WAHOO! shout-out for YOU!

Laura said...

Thx for your super just-what-I-needed-to-hear comment on my blog - I really appreciate it, but you made me all teary doncha know. :) Not exactly hard to do this week, but...

So glad we've hooked up!