Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Morning in September

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions.
I tell people - when they ask what my resolutions are or if I made any - that I don't believe in them. (It's hard to when people say "never again" to something - like smoking, and then three hours later take it up again.) I think if you are resolved to do something, than you should start when you have a desire to make a change. Waiting for another day seems silly to me.
I suspect that it also has something to do with my being really, really fond of new beginnings - according to my own rhythms and nature.
I don't feel an attachment to January first, it feels arbitrary to me. It only seems like a holiday because I can hear the fireworks and shouts and the banging of pans.

New beginnings come at different times for me.
They come with a thought.
An idea.
A desire.
A new moon.
A birthday.
A cup of peppermint tea.
They come in with the rolling thunder, and cleansing rains.
They come on a Sunday morning, like on the first day of fall.
Happy Mabon to you.


Mama Podkayne said...

Happy autumn to you as well!

I've been stirring in thoughts about the season change and new beginnings as well. I think I may try and write it up, but maybe not.....

whimsigal said...

Happy Mabon to you, my friend. What a beautiful altar! Absolutely lovely. You are just so inspiring. Now, I want one. It's something I've thought about for so long and seeing yours brings it all to the forefront.


Stephanie said...

Mama P - thanks for leaving a comment! Why is it that some of us love comments so much?

DE - Regarding altar and new banner - as the mood strikes me!
Thanks for the sweet note.
I am equally inspired by you!

Stephanie said...

It is an altar (in the room), and thanks for the compliment!
I like it, too.
I'd like to set a few similar things out for the season throughout the rest of the house, but first I have lots of cleaning to do! :)
Thought I'd start downstairs.