Monday, October 29, 2007

Learning should be FUN!

I'm such an idiot.
Really, I am. Not that I expect anyone is disagreeing with me. Hmmph.
I don't know what the tarnation is wrong with my head.
I got some Bizarro World bee in my bonnet, and lost my ever-unschoolin' mind for a moment.

When I was downstairs today, I thought - "Hey, I could get out the puppets, (I've been meaning to, and to ambitiously put together the puppet theater again sans instructions) and the felt letters, and we could play some fun games! Yeah! Learning should be fun!" The wiser me now shakes her head. Blockhead.

Honestly, people.
School talk.
"Learning should be FUN" is school talk.

Of course learning should be fun... If You're In School!! Or learning school, for that matter.

If you're practically forced into learning something not of your choosing - but laid down by some gray-haired boring old bureaucrat who knows nothing -and cares less!- about your interests!

Around here, learning is life.
Playing and being and scooping and imagining and loving and digging and experimenting and helping and cooking and eating and rough-housin' and listening and measuring and spying and discussing and arguing and questioning and reminding and communicating and running and looking and figuring and estimating and laughing and guessing and supposing.

Point being - (obviously) trying to make learning fun is like... trying to make the moon shine bright when she is at her most resplendent.

Once again - I can't help but think -
School imitates life.

Glad it didn't take me very long That Time to come to my senses.


whimsigal said...

now, now. We all have those moments! At least you caught yourself before you got crazy with it.

You're not an dummy.



KMDuff said...

Good thoughts.