Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Here's a question for you.
While it's a rather silly question, and has any number of answers, I am quite serious in the asking of it, and would love to hear any and all responses.

Does (or would) God ever drive/purchase a new car?

I don't care to what religion you belong, or to what philosophical agenda you subscribe. I don't even care whether you believe in God, or not.
I will appreciate your thoughts and answers to the question.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll tell you why I am asking. (It's a doozy.)
I shall truly apprciate any responses - the silly or sublime, the serious or the sarcastic.
Looking forward to your insight.


Stephanie Ozenne said...

I don't think God needs wheels. My guess is that "omnipotent" would cover basic transportation needs.

That said, David and I don't buy new cars. For the same money, you can get a much nicer car if you buy used. Let someone else take the major depreciation hit.

David says if he had more money than God, he'd definitely drive new cars. If he had exactly the same amount of money as God, well, that would put him right on the tipping point.

whimsigal said...

Hmmm. I don't think God would even need a car. He could just poof everywhere he wanted to go. However, if God were trying to go ingognito and experience life like we do, I think he'd pick a used car. Something comfortable but modest.

Very curious about why you're asking!

Stephanie said...

Would the car ever get rusty?
Would he/she upgrade to one that gets better gas mileage, so not to pollute the environment? Would God's car ever break down?
At what point would God say "Hmmm, better fix this one and give it away, and get a different one. This one is too noticeable/rusty/standing out/decrepit, etc"?

I'll tell you later today why I'm asking. Not trying to be cagey, I just need some more time to think about it. :)

whimsigal said...

geez, deep thoughts by Jack Handy over here! :)

j/k I think God would maintain his/her car and it wouldn't get rusty.

My brain is feeling all twisted from thinking about it!

Stephanie said...

lol - I know it, me too.

KMDuff said...

I know I'm late...

I think God would own many cars, new and not new, rusty & well maintained, and would gladly lend them to anyone who asked. God would have tons of them so that it was possible to lend the exact kind of car you needed (or give to you) when you needed to use it, and asked.

KMDuff said...

I forgot to add that part of why God has so many cars, (besides freely sharing them), is that God has an appreciation of the inherent beauty of them, all the different types, all the different uses and abilities. I don't believe God would only drive the best "eco-friendly" car or whatever, I think the car God would be driving would change regularly, as God tried out many different cars and then gave them away or shared them, appreciating and enjoying them while using them, enjoying them just as much in sharing them.

Stephanie said...

I loved your answer, Steph (and David's!).
Made me laugh!

Stephanie said...

M -
Your answers are so sweet and loving!
Although I hadn't planned it that way, its interesting that such a ridiculous question reveals so much of what we believe about God and life.