Monday, December 10, 2007

growing spurt

While I've been discussing these thoughts here, the discussion on my local hs board on the unschooling perspective has continued.
It's really been rather engaging and interesting.
No one's arguing, though things are certainly being dissected and layed out on the table.
I don't usually get involved in discussions there, as it's not worth the aggravation! :)
But this one's been pretty good for me - I've remained cool and observant (on the inside as well as the outside), even regarding topics on which I have definitely strong ideas (such as what unschooling Is and Is Not).

I don't want to bore you, or run this topic to death, I just wanted to say that in the dissection of this topic - labeling, et al, I've somehow managed to grow and stretch a bit, and my embrace of my fellow man and his ideas has been significantly broadened.
Another step toward not judging - a remarkable thing, indeed.

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piscesgrrl said...

I find if I can remain 'open', I can even learn a lot from those who disagree with me! Sometimes I just become more solid in my choices (grin), but sometimes, a small nugget chips away at something and gives me something to chew on. If it can be had without getting sucked into the emotional vortex, all the better!

I have no doubt you are growing growing growing all the time. :)