Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I've been thinkin' on this one for a few days now, but haven't had the time (or haven't been willing to give that precious commodity up) to write these thoughts down.

I heard a month or so ago someone say something like "Everyone's favorite place in the world is home." Maybe it was even in a song, I'm not sure.
Coincidentally, Trev asked me a few days later where my favorite place in the world was. "Home" I said.
I wasn't copying. It was the truth.

This led me to considering the topic, and the why's of it, for me.
It's related to the whole family thing. Grit.
Family is supposed to be family.
That doesn't mean that you should put up with them no matter their abuses. It means that they (are supposed to) have your back - no matter what. Be on your side. Watch out for you and protect you.
It means that no matter how much shit they give you - in the name of teasing or razzing or calling your bluff - they will never put up with the same from an outsider.
They know you. They love you. They accept you.

Tis the same with home.
Home accepts all aspects of Us. The good, the bad, the ugly. The mundane. The ordinary. The boring, the hypocritical, the lofty, the proud, the saint and the sinner. It's so terribly obvious, and a rather elementary thought.
My home - my house - accepts me and mine.
My home embraces me.
My home loves me when I'm messy, and even when I'm mean.
My home expands and swells with outrageous energy currents, and shrinks down to lock us all in safely when we feel the need to be tucked in.
It breathes our energy.
It soaks us in.
It sucks us in, sometimes.
It loves me even when I abuse it. When I stomp on it. When I damn it. When I crawl into its corners to hide and cry.

It's silly, I know.

But I cannot help but to have noticed the beauty of its unconditional acceptance in these last couple of weeks.

My home only asks that we truly Live here. And love. And if we can learn so that it bears witness - that's a bonus.
It loves for us to Be Ourselves. It's a wondrous thing to feel so cherished and welcomed and invited to be our complete and total selves.
Without recriminations.
Without judgment.
Protected always.
Loved always.
Encouraged to be Us, in All Ways.

Everyone should feel so accepted and loved.
I am so very thankful to have this place I call Home.


Alison said...

beautifully written....thanks for sentiments exactly!!

whimsigal said...

What an amazing description of what can be such a simple word. Four letters that combined evoke such emotion. Home is my favorite place to be, too.

Hope your holidays have gone well!