Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year and a New Resolve

I've mentioned before that while I am really fond of new beginnings - cherish and relish them, even - I don't make New Year's Resolutions.
It's too discouraging - watching the souls of the world's zest and happiness diminish as they realize they've let themselves down. Again.
I'd rather not contribute to it.

Apparently I'm not the only one.
Today I visited a blog in my sidebar - haven't been there in months - and read a really great post by Cristine Kane about just this topic.
She has an idea to choose a word to live by for the year.

Words that speak to me are:

If you'd care to scoot on over to read it - I promise you'll be inspired - I'd love to discuss ideas with you!
I'm very excited about this - and I hope I can settle on something quickly!
Blessed Be.

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KMDuff said...

Thank you for the link to the other post. It was inspiring. And well timed for me.

When I was a kid, I learned not to make general resolutions, but specific goals and plans for the new year in different areas of your life (a la 7 habits probably). That is what I have done many years, but fallen out of habit lately as my DH does not believe in resolutions for many of the similar reasons. The result though has been I have made general statements to some degree and done nothing about them, forgotten them really.

The word idea strikes a chord with me. A few words that speak to me are:


I think gentle will be my word, because I can see how it can reverbate in so many areas of my life. My journey in gentle parenting that began in 2007 is really just the start, but it is part of why the word really speaks to me.

I need to be more gentle with myself, in my own inner thoughts that come upon me.

I confess I did not sit and ponder each word on her long list, because I could spend a very long time there, thinking about the words, each with so much to say to me. I need to get back to unpacking. :P

Thanks for the post!