Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday

I was visiting a few blogs within the Small is Beautiful (aka Passionate Blog) ring and found another ring - a Sacred Life ring.
It stared with these beautiful words from Zena Musings - "every day for at least a month I'm going to post a photo from my daily life capturing something that connects me to Spirit."
Isn't that an inspired idea?
I debated on putting up the ring, as when I visit blogs that have lots of rings I tend to get dizzy and feel scattered and confused (as well as anxious to leave asap) - but I am going to do it - it is an idea that softly but clearly and eloquently speaks to my heart.
I simply cannot refuse.

So! Now I have something soooooo delicious to look forward to tomorrow.
It is no coincidence that Sundays are my Very Favorite sort of days....


Sheri said...

I love your blog rings. I feel they are well thought out and not just thrown in to increase traffic. I also just how much I love reading your thoughts on religion and spirituality. Thank you so much for letting us in on this very intimate side of your life.

Mama Podkayne said...

Ha HA! That's it. My word for the photo challenge.....Connection!!!!!

Stephanie S. said...

Sheri - thank you! And you're welcome! :)

MP - I can hardly wait!! Did you come to tell me it was "connections", or did you decide after you got here???
Either way, pretty cool. :)