Monday, February 18, 2008

books books books

I've had a resurgent drowning into books.
I mean - really.
(Which probably accounts for my absence from writing.)

Funny - while I really liked Eat, Pray, Love, I didn't think I got all that much out of it.
I mean, Italy was truly lovely. Her painful moments I shared in. Her longing for God I understood thoroughly. Her meeting with her ex-husband up where the sky meets was beautiful to witness.

But - I didn't really learn anything.

Along with that has come a few emails in my box saying "Marni has requested you as a friend on Good Reads...." and "Julie has joined Good Reads...", and "Aubrey has joined Good Reads..." and "Teri has joined Good Reads...."
and Oh.

Now I have this great consuming need to really get jiggy wid it, and to know God.

Which accounts for my holiday Saturday morning to find some great new om meditation music.
And another trip to the bookstore (Barnes and Noble) on Sunday (I gotta say - it's so great to be an unschooler, and popping out that 20% off Home Educator's card so unabashedly and without blinking an eye when they ask if you have a B&N Savings card.... "Oh, I have my Home Educator's Card...." Never do I feel guilty for this. I sincerely think of my books as my intellecual and spiritual education!)
Alone at the book store.
And - Holy of Holy's- today I get my little package from One Spirit (a super terrific book club that covers everything from Mother Theresa to the Dalai Lama to stones and Wicca and organic gardening and green house cleaning) in the mail - saying "Want anything?"
You bet I do!

So at the moment I'm drowning in books.

Until a few months ago, I've never read leisurely. I'm sort of a "let me just open this up so you can consume me" kind of reader.
And I never knew until this last year that you could read a page other than the Very Next one.

As sort of crazy and scattered as it makes me feel - right this minute I have several books that I have open on my nightstand (thank goodness I finished Eat, Pray, Love), The Mists of Avalon, Conversations With God Book 3, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, Everyday Blessings, and something else..... oh yeah... The Power of Intention.

So yeah, I didn't learn anything from Eat, Pray, Love.
Except that I want to learn some mantras.
And that I am determined to have a period of silence.
And that I want to read poems by Rumi.
And that I want to read again Siddartha.
And the Dalai Lama's book Mind in Comfort and Ease.
And studying the Tao de Ching.
And Hafiz.
And works by Carlos Castaneda.
And that I'm looking forward to my luscious pile of spirituality coming in the mail in a week or two.
And being in Peace.
And walking on water.
And knowing God.

Not much at all.


whimsigal said...

You really are drowning in books! That's a good thing, though. Oh yeah, it's obvious you didn't get anything from reading that darned Eat, Pray, and Love book. ;)


Aubrey said...

i think i may have to steal some of your goodread "to read" books, there are some intriguing ones.

oh, and let me know if you find any good mantras.


Sheri said...

There could be no better way to drown. ;)

KMDuff said...

i want to get your goodreads updates! :) I'm on there too... :)