Monday, February 04, 2008

Mastery Part 4

Mastery might seem a really lofty idea or aspiration.
But it's something I've always known is a part of me.
It is something I've sought since I was a kid.
There are certain things that I fully expect to become a part of my every day life.

One of them is to live in goodness. (in Godness, if you will.)
This for me means parenting in gentleness, being a provider of love and understanding and aid and unconditional love and friendship. (Yes, friendship.)
The second part of living in goodness is maintaining a friendship with the earth and its inhabitants. Being kind to animals and our home, being one who seeks peace in the world, and one who encourages (as I am able) others to live their best life. This means not getting in the way, not being offended (something I think I am really getting better at) and not promoting violence or disharmony in any way.

Another point of mastery that I fully intend to experience in this life is a solid and daily connection with my Source. God, Goddess, Universe, All, Spirit, Louise, whatever you choose to call it.
This includes knowing with everything I am that even before I have asked it is given to me.
This includes knowing that I came from an abundant universe that is always expanding - and that It knows no shortages and is always willing and eager to respond with more when I say "I Am..."
This includes being willing to serve, as the Universe is always willing to serve.

Eventually - perhaps many lifetimes from now - I fully expect to do many things that today seem extraordinary, if not impossible.

But I shall do it.
Just because.........I Am.

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