Friday, March 21, 2008

march: body and spirit

thursday, march 13: 3 miles in the morning
friday, march 14: three 1/2 miles am
sunday, march 16: four 1/2 miles am, one hour yoga
monday, march 17: one 1/2 miles in the evening, 40 minute yoga pm (sore shins still - whoof)
thursday, march 20: four 1/2 miles am
friday, march 21: five miles am
saturday, march 22: seven + miles, late am
sunday, march 23: two and-a-half miles - had to cut it short on account I had to pee. :)
monday, march 24: three miles (one hour) my lower shins were sore, had to go slower than usual.
thursday, march 27: three and-a-half miles.
friday: no walk, i worked on calendars.
saturday, march 29: four miles, pm


singingfamily said...

I feel inspired. I just started running again, what a difference that makes in my day. Glad to read your running week.

Stephanie S. said...

Ah - only walking!!
I've never been much of a runner, my knees are pretty sensitive.

I love walking, though.