Thursday, March 27, 2008


so of course after I wrote of my not being rattled by anything, i've been a bit unsettled since then. :) isn't that the way it goes?
i was feeling a bit agitated today, found myself snapping at my family, and felt that i really needed to walk it off for a while.
off i went.
two things happened - one, someone got off the bus, walking in front of me, and i felt uncomfortable, and uneasy with him - no idea why, that's not how i normally feel with people; and two, after i passed him up, this other man (wearing a black suitcoat, white shirt and tie) in this car waited and waited for me to cross in front of his car (is he waiting for me? well, that's nice, but he has plenty of time to turn before i get there...) then he turned the same corner that i did, then went up the street, then turned around so he was facing me. i walk in the road (they're neighborhood roads, not busy streets), so i would have passed right by his door - i turned up a street between he and i instead. not to avoid him, i wasn't at all alarmed, just to extend my walk another half mile. he moved his car to up the street that i was now walking on, and again i would have had to walk right by his door. now i was really uncomfortable, and i crossed the street to avoid any contact. i thought i saw him again later, but i think it might have been my nerves at that point. course, i was careful to watch closely for any dark gray cars as i got closer to home.

Thich wasn't much comfort for me, today.
didn't even really hear him talking to me.

now i'm gonna play with the babes and shake it off.


Stephanie Ozenne said...

I think anyone would be disturbed by that! Since you didn't run away in a panic, I consider you quite grounded in your handling of the whole thing. :)

I hope the babes were able to work their magic! (I really have no doubt that they did.)

Stephanie S. said...

Well, I was taking notes along the way... looks like someone is home at that house... I could go up to a door, and say "there is someone following me, and I am nervous, can I just stand here and talk to you for a minute?" or "will you call my husband and tell him to come get me?, there is someone strange following me...." :)

The thing was, when I first passed by his car (in front of it), I smiled at him -or in his general direction, because I couldn't really see that well inside his car- because first I was feeling better about the other guy that was there (I wasn't alone with him, now), and two, I was feeling more at peace since we were nearing the corner, and I was heading in an opposite direction (I thought he'd turn right, as he was on that side of the street. I was turning left.)
So I gave the guy in the car a big peaceful, "it's alright, now" smile, and went on my way.
I don't know.
The whole thing was weird.
It bothered me, and I"m not one who goes around being afraid of strangers.

I'm better. :/

Stephanie S. said...

feeling better, i meant.

Aubrey said...

wow. i was rattled just reading this. so sorry. glad you are feeling better.


whimsigal said...

Girl, don't question that gut feeling! When something makes you uneasy, just assume it's correct.

Glad to know you made it home safe and sound!


piscesgrrl said...

I agree with Evie! Intuition is there for a reason! Red flags, red flags!

Glad you're safe.