Monday, March 31, 2008

gripe (extended)

I thought how silly this post must have seemed yesterday.

But as I was waking up this morning, I put my finger on what it is that really bothers me.

Used to be, in Wild Oats I recognized everyone. There was this laid back, natural, granola people atmosphere, some of the kids had dreads, where when you checked out, you got the chin nod from your check-out guy, who was a hippie stoner kid. "Hey. Howzit goin?" All slow and deep-throated.

Last week I got a really chipper gay guy (of course I have nothing against gay guys... if you knew me at all you would know that this is a ridiculous notion - Please, I grew up in the 80's club scene as a young adult) who should be working at a Denny's serving the after-the-bars-close crowd, and then yesterday I got this little over-achiever chipmunk girl who is probably on flag patrol of her highschool band.

It's totally different.
It's gone from "people like me" to this weird, corporate, mainstream fake-friendly feeling.
I really don't like it.


Aubrey said...

that sucks that you had a bad experience.
i have had a totally different reality and think the change is nice. i love the 365 brand and it makes my visits there a lot more affordable.
i haven't felt like it is anymore corporate than wild oats was and no one has been fake-friendly to me.
the dread guy is still there, he works in the dairy. my cashier had been someone i had been to many times, and the nice girl in the natural health section is there too. oh, so is the customer service manager.
it seems that the cashiers change over a lot, but there are still a few that have been there a long time.
i'm not trying to discount your frustration, just pointing out another point of view.

a co-op could be great, although i tend to spend more money than i need to with the co-op, or maybe that's just grocery shopping in general.

Stephanie S. said...

Hi Aub.
Thanks for putting in the other side.
Mine was certainly not a fair perspective.
Is the customer service person the blond air-heady lady? :)
I like her a lot, I haven't seen her in over a month.

I'll try to hang in there, and not be so... closed-minded.

Aubrey said...

no, it's a younger (30ish?) guy that looks like chris. very handsome :)

he's more like the front-end manager i'm guessing.

gee, your so close-minded steph. you better knock that off pronto :)