Thursday, March 20, 2008

nourished (or) the peace of stringbean

So after I wrote my post this morning, out of the kitchen window (where I sit) I spied blue sky.
Oh, a walk, I thought. I need a walk.
So a walk it was.
Funny - I noticed yesterday that I was shifting ever-so-slowly out of being super-conscious (mindful) about what was going on around me. I didn't meditate yesterday, had only a short walk the night before... funny that right after I asked "what difference does this make?" I came to find myself in a "wow, I'm just not feeling like myself" position. There have been changes already, then. Interesting.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be out there this morning.
Five miles, I thought. I want five miles today. (turns out it was probably closer to 4 1/2, but it was a glorious way to spend an hour and fifteen minutes.)

I had my usual friend with me (Thich Nhat Hanh), and so many of his words found a place in my heart today. Mostly during practicing walking meditation I just try to listen with my heart (and head) and to remember to practice breathing mindfully, and to be aware of my steps, breathing, legs, stomach, etc..
But today I was able to smile and be flower fresh. And love (and be so enamored of) the space around me, and to bring that space inside my self, and feel myself having so much room to Be.
Not only that - but I was so overjoyed to be walking just after the rains. Marveling in the reflection of the sun on the wet pavement.
Shortly after that I became much warmer, and took off my jacket, and started feeling more and more connected with the earth and my surroundings, and became absolutely mesmerized and enchanted by the green everything that seemed to burst forth in one day. It wasn't like that yesterday. Things were not (seemingly) so thrillingly alive.
I continued to breathe, and smile through my eyes and my mouth (and liver), and heard him talking about "today I was walking to come here, and I felt my feet on the earth, and I was nourished by the earth. And I was nourished and blessed by the sun. I was planting the seeds of happiness for my day." And all I could think of was Oh, yes. This is why I am here, today.
And I don't remember a finer experience.
This is what this does for me.
Shortly after that I started really hearing the birds chirping and singing and it seemed that everything -including my self- was so alive.

And then I remembered - Today is the first day of Spring. Ostara. Vernal Equinox - in my timezone, at 5:48 this morning. Smile, again.

I feel alive.
I feel renewed.
I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, reconnected.

I am thankful, I am joyful, and I am nourished.
Blessings to you. And to all of Everything.

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