Thursday, March 13, 2008

three miles

I woke up this morning from a bad dream and found myself snuggled with Maddie.
After I laid there for a few minutes supposing at the time, I thought, I need to go for a walk.
I should get up right now, grab my ipod, see if Annabelle wants to go, too, and Go.
And so I did.

I've been thinking of it for a few days, now. As I've been spending time outside, in the glorious almost-spring air, I've been considering that since I'm up early (or was before the time change) I may as well go for a morning walk. The only problem is that I have two babes sleeping, of course. Could I be back before Eric goes to work? That would mean being back at 6:30 - which means up and out at 5:30.... whoof.

But this morning I could do - Eric is home sleeping.
"I'm going for a walk, Babe."
Mumble, mumble... "have fun..."
Fun? I think. Hmm. Well... I guess.

By this time Annabelle had roused, too, and was willing, so off we went.
Thich Nhat Hanh, Annabelle, and me.

After a bit of irritation over Annabelle's total disregard for my Walking Meditation I decided to just go with it. Take care of my own head, and limbs, put the worry and need to control her out of my mind, and Go.

Amazing how well things went after that.
It was probably about forty degrees out there (when I got home I checked, and then it was 42). Promising rain, and though it hadn't begun to fall, yet, I could smell its presence.

I wonder if I can convey the joy and ecstasy and happiness that I experienced on that walk.
The cool, damp -perfect!- air rushing across my face. The smell of the coming rain. Noticing a welcoming gate. A pretty window. Experiencing such freedom!
It was a glorious, beautiful thing.
And then it started to rain.
Aaah, glorious spring.

I have decided that morning walks might just be the thing. Eric works early two or three days a week - that leaves four or five to me that don't include getting up super duper early - if I don't want to.

I can't even begin to tell of the happiness and peace I've steadily experienced the last few days. It's like my being - body and spirit - has suddenly come alive, and I want to with every breath celebrate my Beingness.

I feel so awake and alive.


Mama Podkayne said...

What a lovely idea!!!!

whimsigal said...

Your writing is so beautiful! I feel more alive after reading that. Also, I'm way too chicken to go for a walk by myself early in the morning. lol

This is a beautiful post!