Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the camera and the crazy lady (which would be me)

Remember when my camera stopped working?
Right after that my posts slowed way down.
Then I sort of borrowed/rented one. A newer version of mine, for the sake of prudence.
I bought it (at Walmart) with the intent of possibly returning it when mine was fixed.

I didn't use it very much.
I didn't ever put the strap on.
I didn't use the software, or open the books.
I didn't let the children touch it.

My thirty days was nearing an end.
I had to decide if I was keeping it.
The problem is - I never really liked it.
I knew how it worked (well, sort of), as it was the same as mine.
But it never became a part of me.
Could be because I have boycotted Walmart for the last few years. (with rare exception.)
Could be because I always knew I might be taking it back, even though I hadn't sent mine in yet to be repaired.

Yesterday was my Very Last Day of the thirty days.

Keeping it?
Taking it back?

Call my dad.
"I don't like the pictures. They're blurry."
"You should take it back. Circuit City has it on sale for $309."
I'm thinking I'd rather keep it than run all over town for a fourty dollar decrease, but that's just me.
"I don't know. I'm gonna go play with it some more, I guess."
Still not satisfied, or feeling good about the camera.

I finally decided - we had no good working mojo.
For whatever reason.
Probably because at the get-go I had emotionally (yes, I get attached to inanimate objects) rejected it. Not let myself be dependant on it.

"Eric - I'm taking it back. I don't like this blurry thing going on. It could be Me, certainly, but if I don't take it back then I'll always feel a disdain for this camera, and I don't want that. If it's me, and not the camera, so be it - but if I keep it then I'll never be happy about it, and be resentful."
"It's got bad mojo attached to it?"
He's so smart. "Exactly!"

Circuit City first. Honors online price of $309.

Stand in line at Walmart for 20 minutes to return the camera.
"Why are you returning it?"
"Because there's no magic happening."
"There's nothing wrong with the camera?"
"Nope - (well, at least nothing besides our disconnection) it's fine. Everything is here, I didn't open anything except the camera."

Little S5 has its strap on, the time is set, and hopefully our friendship shall begin in earnest soon.

I feel glad to be back, and the strange fear/buyers remorse/dissatisfaction/unpleasantness/"how long can i keep it?" feelings are gone.

I'm feeling happy.
And free.

***I wanted to add (two days later) that when I bought the camera from Walmart, if I returned it I planned to return it for Eric's choice. As it happens, I decided to have a new one, and Eric will have to wait, still. :/ So I intended to do business with them. The whole thing just turned out differently than I expected. (with not liking it and all.)


whimsigal said...

I'm glad you got something you like! Cannot wait to see what you do with it! I love your photos!!

Sheri said...

I love that you told t he returns lady that there was no magic. I giggled a little and wished that I could do the same. I understand the issue with WalMart we try to avoid it at all costs.