Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mother May

Oh, Mother!Beautiful Mother May.

Mother - may, may, may....

May I?

Please, beautiful Mother May, may I, please - May I?

Oh, child.
Yes -
Yes, Impatient Child -Yes, you May!


ladybug-zen said...

lovely. truly and utterly lovely.
thanks for sharing your inner poet

Stephanie S. said...

LZ - thanks so much.
I miss you!!

I feel so detached from all things gentle and lovely and quiet and thoughtful.
But I'll be done with the big work soon, and things will settle into "comfortable and beautiful" again very soon.
Those beautiful boys haven't grown up while I wasn't looking, have they???

whimsigal said...

Steph, these photos are beautiful! Is all this gorgeousness in your yard? Oh, I'm jealous!!!

Beautiful post!


Stephanie S. said...

Yup. Haven't been anywhere else!
(except for a party yesterday.)

Lilacs are my favorite flower - it happens that our house came with about six bushes.
I've planted about six more! :)
Miss you, also!

Sarah said...

beautiful flowers, beautiful poetry.