Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sold as is

lately - uh, since the day before mother's day - i've been in this funk.
female problem?
that time?
yeah. but, still....

evie (later) echoed my thoughts of mother's day. all day i kept thinking..."have i turned into my mother? is this day important because i have bought into what they're trying to sell me?" my answer to both was a rather uncomfortable (and disconcerting) "yes".
in light of that, i now renounce my former attachment to mother's day.
for God's sake - do i truly wish to demand of my family honor, extra loves, and cherishment this day above all others just because Someone Else says so?
that's never been my style.

add to that my current disenchantment with humanity - namely my own lack of willingness to embrace of my fellow man (individual or collective, i haven't decided yet)- and you have my need to be


further disgruntlement to follow


Stephanie Ozenne said...

On Mother's day I was getting over an icky cold, still mostly unable to eat. Passed without particular notice.

Today Luke has had the ick and I've been changing and washing clothes / blankets / sheets all day. In the afternoon, Emmett brought me a flower and said "It's for you for Mother's day - I just forgot to bring it to you on Mother's day."

That and the big hug almost made me cry. Hallmark holidays aren't really where it's at, you know?

Stephanie S. said...

i wasn't at all disappointed or disenchanted with mother's day, but i kept thinking... why is this a big deal to me just because someone else says it should be???
I think i got over it for good.
:) we'll see next year! :)

ladybug-zen said...

here here. and while we're at it let's chuck valentines day out the window as well.
what a completely worhtless "holiday" created by the greeting card companies just to create more revenue in between the real holidays.

piscesgrrl said...

Can I join? Down with mother's day! Down with father's day! And Valentine's day? You get the boot too! Pish.

It's like a pre-scheduled resentment party, or a pre-scheduled shaming. 'What, you didn't get your mom XYZ for mother's day? You didn't make her breakfast in bed? What kind of kid ARE you?' Blech.

I bought wind chime kits thinking (without asking - doy) that Jonathan and I could make them for the grandmas for Mother's Day. Jonathan wasn't interested, I felt the ugliness rising in my throat, and he said, "They're not my MOMs, they're my GRANDmas." Point taken.

whimsigal said...


We all need days where we can grumble about the world at large.