Sunday, June 29, 2008

mayday! mayday!

wire to headquarters:

Ship going down stop

Send help immediately stop

Please hur


Kim said...

Hi it's me....are you OK? I haven't checked your blog in a while and then when I do I see this post. Is everything OK?
I love the pic's from your road trip....I love caves, too. It almost makes me want to move back to UT.
Anyway, let me know if I can help.
Love you lots....xoxoxo.

Stephanie S. said...

Hi Honey.
I'm fine.
Just a really rotten "I suck at this" / "I am my mother" / "I have no skills" day.
Usually it takes a couple of days to realize it's pms - today my irrational-ness and blatant "I don't care" horrid feelings were so strong that I can only think that's what it must be.

I've cried, and ranted, and I've yelled.

And I'll pray to be better tomorrow.

Love you.

EC said...




Hope things have improved and someone threw you a life preserver!

Stephanie S. said...

Thanks Evie!!
Actually, friends were over today, and they did send life preserves ers. (It's Trev's birthday) Gotta love these Mama's of mine.
Course, it could have been the hugs that you sent to me that helped so much....
xxoo back at you.