Saturday, August 09, 2008

Electric Car

I just saw a piece on Good Morning America about GM's new car - the Volt. (The regular car, not the fancy concept car.)
It's being planned for late 2010.
It's electric, only using gasoline to charge the battery.
It will go 40 miles on absolutely no gas.
And 400 miles on a full tank. (Which is very small.)

And Phoenix makes two, a suv, and an sut that that will be ready in 2010.
And Nissan is working on it.
The race is on.

It seems that the big issue, is of course, the battery.

Instead of saying "No way. There is no way they can be ready in two years. Psh."

How about we change that?
How about we get excited that it's a very real solution to several very real problems, including motor companies laying off thousands of people?

How 'bout we say "Yay for us. Yay for our planet!"?
How 'bout we embrace and welcome this change, instead of arguing that it can't and won't be done?


Anonymous said...

that's a good question. why is it that we (the collective we) throw out a negative first response when theirs news of something good and positive. so silly. it will be done!

Stephanie S. said...

lz - exactly!
i figure it can only help to think "it will be done...", instead of "psh!"