Sunday, August 24, 2008

sacred life sunday: Sprite

Here's a perscription for your enjoyment.

1. Air set in motion by breathing; breath; hence, sometimes, life itself. [Obs.] "All of spirit would deprive." --Spenser.

Totally dunk yourself in the pool. (It doesn't matter if it's of the seven f00t or of the one foot variety.)
While completely saturated, at around 5:13pm or so, grab the flowing hose, face the sun, and plug your thumb into the end of it so that it sprays straight up and rains down onto you and the children-
Sun shines between you and it-
sending reflections,
and Magic all around.
Kick your feet for more splashes if'n' you wanna.
Make sure you specially note all shouts of jubilation and laughter.

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