Friday, October 03, 2008

last night's debate

my only thoughts on it are:

every time (and there were at least three) time she said "we'll do something about the corruption on Wall Street...", I kept thinking, "What about the corruption in the oil industry?"....


kath001 said...

Define corruption in the oil industry, please. I'm not being defensive, I'm just curious. I hear it a lot, but never from anyone I can ask what they really think about it.

We're pretty thick skinned...we have to be since Carey works in the dreaded oil industry and I work in the dreaded financial industry...peons hurting along with the rest of the country, but with slightly different perspectives perhaps.

Stephanie S. said...

Sorry Anut Kathy, I wasn't avoiding the question, just busy with the babes, and not in a writing mood, quite yet.

I just meant the usual stuff (for me), nothing exceptional and current-

Like oil companies putting an end to hemp oil being a possibility a hundred years ago, like so much money and environmental investments being put into tapping into limited fossil fuels instead of sponsoring and encouraging clean resources like solar and wind (NOT nuclear), and like big money being made hand over fist by the oil industry in general and profits not being shared with a starving public,
like the Good Ol' Boys in oil having too much power, too much money, and too many friends in High Places - it makes it difficult for others to pursue or perpetuate enough backing and energy to replace oil with viable sources and have others - the general public - take them seriously and believe it's possible.

That's what I meant by corruption.
With Love, :)

kath001 said...

We're probably not too far apart. I'm disappointed in the corruption of ethics in our society, and that is not limited to politics or big business.

love, k