Sunday, October 12, 2008

sacred life sunday: a little charmed

a friend said to me a couple of years ago "you've lived a charmed life". he was referring to the fact that I was dumbfounded that upon opening the box containing Trev's new swingset that he had purchased, we didn't have all the required bolts.
but none-the-less, Dear Reader, when such lovely compliments come around, i always accept them.

things that are charming me today:

snow outside my window

gentle rustle of the furnace air blowing


umbrella drying on the porch

thick knitted socks

a pot of water bubbling and steaming on the counter, waiting for...

a cup of tangerine orange zinger tea

tonight's full moon - and pondering what magick might be done today

my new sturdy winter shoes

remembering that I need to make soap today

my babies' sweet sleeping breath

what's charming your life today?


Mike said...



1 the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration : I AM CAPTIVATED BY THE CHARM OF MY ANNIVERSARY TODAY. What a delight to be with my best friend.

2 a small ornament worn on a necklace or bracelet: I DON'T HAVE A BRACELET OR NECKLACE, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T LIKE IT.

3 an object, act, or saying believed to have magic power: I WISH I HAD A SAYING THAT HAD MAGIC POWER. I JUST HAVE I LOVE YOU...KIM LIKES THAT ONE - AND IT'S CHARMING.

4 Physics - one of six flavors of quark. I THINK THIS IS LIKE MY LUCKY STAR



2 control or achieve by or as if by magic : I AM CONTROLLED BY THE MAGIC OF MY WIFE, KIM.


Really, what is charming me today? FALL! My kids and I went for a walk, while Kim and Liam napped. The leaves are falling everywhere. It's beautiful. The trail we hiked was very scenic. Maine has state numbered snowmobile trails and the one we went on was one of them. It's so beautiful.

We were charmed by Caleb's love for birds of prey. Someone else was in the woods and called like an owl. Caleb called back. It was so neat to hear how excited he was. It was charming.

Lundi was charming us all because she got a skirt on to walk in the woods...She took so many pictures.

Harrison was just plain cool (his norm).

Lauren was squooshy as a marshmallow. Her laugh is all the charm I need.

Shelane said...

I think i'll borrow your charms for today. kind of running short of my own.


ladybug-zen said...

snow? seriously?

charming me lately
-two little boys with perpetually dirty faces...yummm-meeee

-one big boy who is so so so good to me

-thrift store shopping

-growing herbs in the kitchen window

-the colors red, gold, and brown

-warm green tea

-the world around me settling into a soft, warm glow

Stephanie S. said...

Yup! Our trees are still green, but we did indeed have snow.