Monday, December 01, 2008

He loves me!

My husband has this really loving relationship with Ullr, the Snow God.
Actually He's the God of Thunder, I think, but he's also in charge of Snow.
Last year he placed this upon my fridge, and we had snow whenever he refreshed and renewed his plea.
I've been complaining and grumbling for a couple of weeks - "I want to change your sign."
"I want it to say "Snow In My Yard." As snow in NeverLand [waves hand over her head] has no direct benefit upon my psyche.
"Well, that would be okay with me - if it snows in our yard, then we'll be getting a few feet in the mountains (where he skis).
"Yes." I say.
Today I looked up, and here's the gift my Prince had given to me.He's working his magic.
Thanks Rico.

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